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Become a Partner

Would you like to find a better balance between work and life? You may have thought about using your valuable financial and accounting skills as a consultant, but wondered where you’d start. How will you find clients quickly and build your income? How will you manage without a team for feedback and support?

CFO On-Call offers you the best of both worlds. Work your own hours, create a better lifestyle, and let us help you find great clients and build a local support network of like-minded CFOs.

Best of all, you’ll get access to our unique financial management methodology!

How will I get clients?

Combined with your own networking efforts, our marketing experts will get you inbound leads from prospective clients.

What else does the Partnership offer?

Our online Knowledge Base provides consulting processes, web-based tools and templates, as well as forums, industry knowledge and CFO know-how so you have everything you need to make a difference to your clients’ businesses.

You’ll be part of a unique network of like-minded colleagues, supporting each other with advice and ideas.

And Costs?

There are costs to start being $19,800 to cover start up, training and marketing.

Is CFO On-Call right for me?

If you have a management accounting background, broad commercial experience and a can-do attitude, we’d love to hear from you.

The Expert from afar

“I’ve got the skills small business owners need,” you say to yourself. “All I need is a few regular clients on a part-time basis and … WOW … I’ve got my own CFO consulting business!”

But leaving employment for the first time, to set up a consulting business, is a major life step. There are massive pitfalls and distractions – there are so many rabbit warrens, so many wrong turns. How can you become a genuine business Financial Control and CFO consultant?